Safety policy

DELFI operates under conditions of fair competition, with honesty, integrity and fairness.

It respects the interests of employees, customers, suppliers and the local community.

All those who work at DELFI, without any distinction or exception, are committed to observing and guaranteeing the observation of these principles with respect to their own functions and responsibilities. The conviction that one is operating in the interests or to the advantage of the Company may in no way whatsoever justify a conduct in conflict with these principles.

DELFI want to state clearly the set of values that recognizes and shares, as well as all internal and external responsibilities it assumes. It is for this reason that a Code of Conduct has been drawn up. Its observance by all those working for the Company is of paramount importance for the good operation, reliability and reputation of DELFI, assets that are decisive for the success of the enterprise.

 DELFI want to state clearly the set of values ​​that recognizes, accepts and shares and the set of responsibilities that assumes both internally and externally. For this reason, a code of conduct has been prepared and its observance by all employees is of great importance for the reliability and reputation of the Company.