DELFI efforts are fully focused on Customers satisfaction, with a constant attention to: 

  • understand Customer’s explicit and implicit needs
  • analyze Customer’s requests with a cooperative attitude
  • identify the best solutions and innovative technologies

Our portfolio:

  Italian Navy for CAVOUR Aircraft Carrier
   Italian and French Navies for HORIZON class Frigates
   Iraqi Navy for MARK IV class Patrol Vessels
   Kenyan Navy for NYAYO class Vessels
   Indian Navy for FLEET TANKER class Replenishment Ships
   Russian Navy for ROSSITA Nuclear Waste Carrier
   Turkish Coastguard for DOST class Offshore Patrol Vessels
   Italian Navy for FREMM class Frigates
   UAE Navy for ABU DHABI class Corvettes
   Algerian Navy for KALAAT BENI-ABBES amphibious Vessel
   UAE Navy for FALAJ 2 class Patrol Vessels
  Norvegian Institute of Marine Reserch  for POLAR VESSEL
  Bangladesh  Coastguard for Minerva Class Corvette Refitting